MeiZhong Building Machinery

Qingdao Meizhong Building Machinery is a one-stop engineering service provider of Glass magnesium plate. After more than 20 years of experience accumulation, it has become a leader of the glass and magnesium board equipment industry, main equipment: Glass magnesium board equipment , Magnesium oxide board production line, magnesium sulfate plate equipment, magnesium plate equipment, chloride board production line, fire board equipment, etc., has completed more than 150 large automatic production lines at home and abroad, and the plates produced by equipment have obtained customers and the same industry. Unanimously recognized.

Multi-function, high degree of automation, less employer, stable performance, strong practicality is the main feature of our equipment, from investment planning to product production, we provide customers with scientific and reasonable design programs, reliable and practical machinery and equipment, perfect process technology And the after-sales service of integrity is fundamentally reduced by corporate investment risks.
We always adhere to our customers to be the service tenet of God, provide technical guidance to users, realize mutual benefit and cooperation.

More than 150 Successful cases of large automatic production lines, witness the senior experience of the MeiZhong machinery building materials industry.

High-quality production line, exporting all over the world
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Magnesium oxide board machine industry well-known professional production line manufacturer!

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